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Custom Integrations

Secure custom programming integrations with other payment networks such as SWIFT, TARGET, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and ACH that effectively and efficiently manage funds.

Custom Programming

We innovate, design, and develop several internet and software programs for financial and corporate institutions that manage/process of Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections and Open Trade Account Management.


We consult/assist for a diverse select group of companies from Brazil and Russia to help them import/export their products/services in a timely and efficient manner to help them succeed and grow their businesses.

Our Story

Our Story

Mathom Solutions started in 1992 as a small consulting agency for Brazilian businesses looking to expand internationally and increase their computational needs and technical expertise. We grew from there to help companies manage their international trade and financing needs. Today, we are involved in custom programming and integrations, internet properties, and consulting.

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The team that does it all!
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson
Founder & CEO
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